Wednesday, October 8, 2008

around the house

A sweet friend gave me these the other day...aren't they cute!

Today Avery got into the kleenex box while she was supposed to be sleeping....needless to say ALL the klennex's were out of the box and her lamb was stuffed down in there :)

This is the "room" my mom, Phillip and I made in the unfinished part of our basement. The walls are curtains and there is plenty of space for visitors. My mom is making curtains for those windows as well. We love our new little "guest suite".
Phillip and Atley asleep on the new chair. Atley had gotten her leg stuck in the railing of her crib and it was really hard to get it after that big ordeal she got to take her nap in her daddies arms.
ALL the candy we got at the homecoming parade last week. We are taking it to the Fall Festival at church for Halloween because we have SO much! Maybe it is because Phillip had a poster board with a target drawn on it and a trash bag attached to the back. The poster read "Throw Candy Here!" and the kids went crazy trying to make it in the hole. :)
This is our living room "revised"! We got a new rug because we put the old one in the basement guest room, and then got a new chair and ottomon last weekend. We love our new space!

The play house finally got moved. We put it in the girl's room and they love having another place to go play.

It may be a little crowded, but they are little people. They think it is great!

That's all for now. Phillip's birthday is tomorrow and we are going to the Zoo!~
Happy Wednesday!


The Buster Bunch said...

Wow Shell, it looks great!!! I love Canon's cute things, the "guest suite," and the new rug and chair. The house looks great. It's so nice to change things up! Can't wait to see it! Love you!

the broomes said...

The house looks great: all ready to bring a baby home!!!! I tagged you on my blog, Shelly-- if you don't go into labor before you get a chance, check it out!!!:)

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Love the little guest suite!