Thursday, September 4, 2008

A hole in your head?

I know that it is not unusual to have your kids 20 months apart, nor is it that unusual these days to have twins. So what I would like to know is how come every stranger I see has to make some kind of comment about my life?
I've been unable to get out much this summer and go shopping and have thus avoided the many crazy comments I am now receiving. Of course now my belly is very noticeable and people just can't seem to walk by me without saying something either to me, under their breath, or to the person next to them. It's not like my girls are screaming or throwing fits while we are out. They are always well behaved and I'm always glad to be out and about. Again, I understand that my kids will be close in age and that I will be pretty busy, but hey....the Lord did this and we feel blessed. We never planned twins, and we never planned to be pregnant again so soon. We are excited they will all be close and feel blessed the Lord has given them to us. Of course I'm not going to ramble all of that off to a stranger after they make an exasperated comment at me....but what I am searching for is a really good come back. I need something to say to them that will make them stop and think and say, "wow, there is something different about her." So I am enlisting your help. Who can come up with the best come back comment. Maybe you'll have some inspiration after I tell you just a FEW of the comments I received at just ONE store yesterday:
"wow, are they twins? and you're expecting another one?"
"I don't know how you are going to do it!"
"You sure are busy"
"How old are they?" - then these people (who worked there) kept staring at me while I shopped for like 5 minutes!
"You are going to be busy,'ll survive!"
"Girl, you need a hole in your head"

are you kidding? help! :)


The Keffer Crew said...

Wish I could tell you those comments go away. I still get stares when I take all 4 to go grocery shopping. Families are just smaller these days and 4 or more just seems like so many to a lot of people. And even though twins are a lot more common today it's overwhelming for people to comprehend it because they're not raising twins themselves. When people tell me and I get it often, "I just don't know how you do it", I smile and say very honestly, "I don't always know either, but each day is a new day and we feel very blessed." God is so good and the children he blesses us with are amazing gifts, to us and their siblings. Each year, I see our children grow closer and closer and their bonds of dependency strengthen. I pray it's always that way.

Julianne said...

Austin says you should just say "Jesus loves you!" but I like what your friend already said. How about "children are a heritage from the LORD"? Or, "hey lady, this is just the beginning! we're going for a world record!" LOL.
That would make an impression!
You are so sweet and have such a heart for the LORD that I'm sure your responses are pleasing to Him. Just keep smiling and showing off your beautiful countenance.

JP's MOM said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog through my Aunt Julianne. Love little Canon's room btw!

I have been trying to think of a 'comeback' as well.

Some people just speak what they think and don't even realize their words could be hurtful.

Today I finally thought of some...

You could say: Our hands are full, but so are our hearts.

or maybe: I am so blessed that God trusted me to be the mom to these great kids!

Laura said...

Girl, I think it's AWESOME that you're having the kids so close together. You will be so thankful for that! I am always so impressed with people who thank God for their children. As it says in the word, children are a heritage of the Lord and are a GIFT. That is awesome that you're thinking of them as they are. In our culture, it's become so normal to think of kids as a hassle.
Satan is just trying to get you down. Just keep your head up and be proud that you're doing all you're doing. This is going to end up being one of your biggest ministries in your life.
Enjoy it :)

What would I say to those people? I'd just say, simply, "yeah. the Lord definitely blessed me"
it may become a nice way to open up conversation.

Love ya girl. Hang in there!


The Brambletts said...

It's hard to believe the nerve that some people have to say things. I've gotten asked several times if we used fertility treatments with the boys. I'm sure you have gotten it too. I just smile and say no, that we were just very blessed. I like what one of your friends said about "Our hands are full but so are our hearts." Just hard to believe that people don't think before they speak. Take care!!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Wow, this is crazy!!! I cant even imagine...I think I am too rude to give you advice. If someone told me that I needed a hole in my head I would probably tell them, "And you need tape over your mouth." Or for the one who says "I dont know how you're going to do it." I'd smile politely and say, "Thats because you dont know me." But again, I'm slightly rude:) Geez...just keep that biblical worldview Shelly! Keep seeing children the way the bible does!

Summer said...

I eccho what dawn said. I am too rude to give you advice. But I really like her suggestion of putting tape over people's mouths.

I can understand people acknowledging that it is a big job to have a house of young kids, but who on earth would say you need a hole in your head?!!! geezeee. people are crazy.

the broomes said...

It is so funny that you post on this, because I just experienced my first "rude" comment at Chesterfield Mall on Monday: two older ladies walked up to us and asked what was wrong with me...What?!!??? Like you, I was at first a little dumbfounded and speechless. What do you say to that? I was glad to have just read your post because it got me thinking about how I should respond in a Christ-like way. I just smiled and said that we loved our children very much and were very blessed. Crazy.
*It was so great seeing y'all last week. Atley and Avery are precious and I'm so glad that I got to meet them!