Monday, September 29, 2008


Last week Phillip and I got a DVD in the mail called "Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West." We had no idea why we had gotten it, and have since found out that some of our friends here in St. Louis have received it as well. All I really wanted to say is, if you DO get this in the mail...WATCH IT! Here is a little youtube clip...check it out. It is really crazy and eye opening. "Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western Civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals and 'insider's view' of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the Nazi movement of WWII, the Radicals of today, and the Western world's response to both threats."

Along this same note, if you haven't read "The Last Jihad" series by Joel Rosenberg you really should. There are five books to this series and they are all earily prophetic of the world climate right now! Again, this really opens your eyes to what is happening around the world while we sit in our nice comfortable homes, not realizing the end of the world could be so close at hand. What a hope and security I have knowing that when I die, or when America gets blown up (really!) I will be in Heaven with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Just thought I would share something to think about!
PS. Check your local library for The Last Jihad series first before you go out and buy all of them.


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