Friday, September 12, 2008

Will we have a September Baby?

Yesterday marked my 34th week of pregnancy! What a milestone and we are SO glad to be here. I had the girls at 32 weeks, so every day I am pregnant is somewhere I've never been!
On Wednesday night I started having quite a few contractions and just felt, well..."different". So when I went to my appointment today I was not surprised that my cervix is shortening even more and softening. It is at 1.7 cm and my doctor said we need to settle down these contractions so that I can make it two more weeks. I am back on bedrest and now on Procardia, a medicine I was on while in the hospital with the girls to help reduce contractions. Because it is only for two weeks I know I can do it. If Canon were born now he would be in the NICU, and in two weeks his chances of NICU time are almost none. Please be praying for two more weeks!
Above is a picture of me at 34 weeks and the girls pushing each other in the stroller. Have a wonderful weekend!


Marc and Carlye said...

I will pray for 2 more weeks and also pray that I can find that dress you're wearing.

The Durham's said...

You are adorable!! Can't wait to hear about the beautiful arrival:) Bless you guys!