Thursday, September 4, 2008

Revival at ZOE!

I've been wanting to post for quite some time about all of the awesome things the Lord is doing at ZOE. ZOE has always been different from what I, or most people I know, have know about "youth groups" In fact it is pretty different than any "youth group" I've ever heard of. The Lord has given Phillip such a vision for ministry that opens up opportunities for the Lord to move in the lives of these kids, AND their families. All the time kids are coming to ZOE and hearing the incredible news about Christ. After meeting with Phillip or Ashley and going through the bible to really understand what it means to give your life to the Lord and put Him in control of your life, these kids are changed and want everyone they know to know about the Lord. Their parents are then going through the bible and giving their lives to the Lord! This has been happening ever since ZOE started 6 years ago. The incredible thing is that all of the kids are SO on fire for the Lord that they are inviting all of their friends to ZOE and each week it keeps getting more and more crowded. At Hot Summer Nites this summer they had to move up to the church because they ran out of room. There are so many new kids each week that Phillip is having about 5-10 kids give their life to the Lord each week, and around 280 kids are coming to High School each week. BIG things are happening in these kids lives and each week Phillip is booked with appointments to go through the bible with these kids to teach them what it really means to surrender control to the Lord. It's not just a raise your hand if you want to be saved and no one will ever talk to you about what that means kind of thing. It is so much more and it is so exciting to be a part of all of it. I am so proud of Phillip and his desire to reach these kids and their families. He has such a greater vision for ZOE than I could ever dream of. If you are reading this, and you are from should come check it out!
Praise the Lord for ALL He is doing in ZOE!


Julianne said...

Praise His name! It's all true and such an exciting place to be. I second what Shelly says. If you live anywhere close, you should check it out. Parents, it's not to be missed!

lauren w said...

Shelly this sounds so awesome! Praise the Lord! How cool to see how your life is turning out from when we first met years ago! i know all this is such a joy to your heart!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Love everything about Zoe:) Adam and I need to come to STL and just hang out.