Friday, September 26, 2008


So much of life we can't plan or know in advance what will happen. We have to leave it up to the Lord, knowing that His plans are MUCH better than ours anyway, even if they don't make sense to us at first.... That has been the ultimate challenge for me during this pregnancy. We were surprised to be pregnant, surprised when I started bleeding at 12 weeks, surprised it was a BOY, surprised to be on partial bedrest at only 18 weeks, surprised to have to do weekly shots, surprised when things went well and I could get up again, surprised when I had to lay down again, and now surprised that I am actually 36 weeks and NOT DILATED!!!! Well, I really am 1/2cm but that doesn't even count. After all this time here I am and I'm not even progressing quickly! I am going to take daily walks and start to get my stamina back up. I'm pretty out of shape after laying around for 4 months...not to mention having gained almost double what my goal weight was. I am so excited to be able to not have ANY restrictions! I am still having contractions all the time, but they don't hurt and are obviously doing nothing, so I'm just waiting for the "real thing" to begin. Here are a few specific prayer requests I would love to have lifted up. Since I had a C-section last time, they are not allowed to induce my labor. If I go beyond my due date I will simply have another C-Section, no matter what. However, I really want to have a natural birthing experience and get to experience giving birth this way. In order to do that, I MUST go into labor on my own. I am also measuring 39wks, which means Canon could be a fairly large baby, with a fairly large head!!! So I am praying I won't have any complications during labor which alarm the nurses and doctor to opt for a C-Section. Thank you for those prayers. :)
As soon as the girls wake up I am headed out for a walk, and then tonight Phillip and I are going to see Fireproof - the new movie with Kirk Cameron. You should ALL go see it this weekend and promote it if you can. It is about marriage and promotes "fireproofing your marriage".
Thanks again for all of those who are praying for me and Canon, and for those who've been so sweet to call, comment on the blog, or e-mail saying they can help in any way. I have such a huge support group of friends and family and I am so blessed.
Thank you!
ps. pics to come.....

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the Schusters said...

Your prayer for a full-term baby was answered!! Praise the Lord! We can't wait to meet Canon. Noah is so excited to have another little friend. (Poor kid...most of his friends so far are girls.)