Friday, February 27, 2009

Bye Bye Bumper Pads

Its about that time...already! He is only 4 months old and can scoot around on his little tummy (when he is really upset and crying) and land face first in the bumper pad. I guess they call it a bumper pad because it really pads against the hard, wooden rails of a crib. But that is all he'll be bumping his head into from now on. I was so sad to take them out. I never had this problem with the girls...things were SO different with them. I LOVE these bumper pads. My mom made them for the girls and I didn't have to fully take them out until they were almost 2!

We got them cleaned and ready for Canon's bed.

Sweet baby sleeping...this was about a month ago.

Today. So bare! Also these sheets are not quite as cute as the circles, but they are so much softer. (right Besty?)

Who blogs about bumper pads anyway? Not me!

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