Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a Wedding!

We had the best weekend in Dallas, enjoying wedding bells as my brother Danny got married to the sweetest, most beautiful Amber. Hopefully I'll have some actual pictures of the couple soon, but for now I only have a few that I took. We are so happy for you Danny and Amber! Be on the lookout for 3 funny things about Avery as you look at the pictures.

Canon after the rehearsal dinner. He was SO good the entire weekend and spent the whole time being held, or in the baby sling with me. At this point he was really tired.

oops! This is what happens when you leave two 2yr. olds alone for 5 minutes....

Aunt Angie and Canon

Isn't he just the cutest! Look at his little outfit for the wedding! He is drooling all over the place lately so he had to wear his sweet bib too :)

Atley getting her hair fixed. She looked like SUCH a big girl on the wedding day.

Avery was content as long as she had her "lamby" and enjoyed relaxing in the wagon.

My Uncle Tony was the only one the entire weekend that got a picture with all 4 grandkids!
It was so good to see you Griffins!

Brenley and Atley in the wagon

All three flower girls. They were practicing riding in the wagon. They were PRECIOUS and adorable, all three of them together!

Atley was running all over the sanctuary and having the time of her life after we took pictures.

Avery is again content with her "lamby" and waiting for everyone to take pictures

Family picture!

Daddy picture
Phillip officiated the wedding and did such a GREAT job! We were all so proud of him and he got a million compliments that night. He pointed everything back to the Lord, and showed how a marriage is a binding covenant with the Lord. Thanks for speaking Truth baby!

Phillip and the girls reading and playing before the wedding started.

Canon's first super bowl

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Do you have any ideas about Avery yet?
#1. Her bottom is hanging out in the "books everywhere" picture. For some reason, those pants just didn't want to stay up!
#2. She always puts her lamb up to her nose and smells it.
#3. She was wearing her pearl bracelet on her ankle. She always wants to do that with bracelets for some reason :) Sweet girl!

Check my sister's blog for more pictures of the weekend... I know she'll post them soon.
We love you Danny and Amber and are so happy we got to be part of the big day!


Kentsten said...

I love the bangs!! You just went from a 9 to a 10!! :)

The Durham's said...

These are wonderful pics!! Your family is just beautiful:) It really blessed my heart that Phillip did the wedding...that is so special!!