Friday, February 27, 2009

February in Pictures

Holding hands in the car

Showing Canon how to roll over

Reading a book to Canon

Walking in Mommy's boots

Scaling the refrigerator - it's not that I purposefully take so many pictures of Avery. But she is our little one who is into EVERYTHING and always DOING something. Atley will play longer with an activity and also actually watches a movie. Avery is so funny and I can't help taking pictures of all the crazy, cute things she does.

I got a little creative this month, making shirts and pillowcases for my 3 little ones and my friend Leah's little boy who just turned one.

Already trying to push his weight around :)

Big girl Atley. She is jibbering up a storm lately. And...Phillip and I really thought she read the word "Daddy" the other day. Probably a fluke, but as her parents we went ahead and called her an early reader. :) ha!

Daddy and Canon in their blue and brown

Avery with her lamb and paci, which are constantly attached to her.

Avery can now (almost) wear a big girl pony tail. Doesn't she look so big?!

Can those blue eyes get any bigger? I love this little man.

And I stole an idea from my friend Beth and made these blessing rings for my 3, and little Noah as well.

See you in March!


Julianne said...

Couple of things:
1) When did you blog get so cute? I read most blog entries from, so I don't see the actual blog unless I comment. That tells me something right there! Anyway, I love the makeover.
2) The picture of the girls holding hands almost made me cry. Too cute.
3) How did you make the shirts? They are so fun!
4) More info. on the blessing rings. What are they, what you do with them. They are so cute, as well.
5) This is the longest comment I've ever written.

the broomes said...

Hey Shelly! I'm curious about the blessing rings as well- they're so cute! ...and you did a great job on the shirts/pillowcases too!

The Durham's said...

Ok, first of all, your creative makes me a little jealous.....ok, alot jealous:) You are incredibly gifted!! Way to go mama! I love the way the Lord uses your hands:) Your family is so precious! Bless you guys!

JP's MOM said...

I am with tell your "how to" on your two awesome crafts!

Love it!

Love the hand holding sweet.

Amber & Danny Ruth said...

shelly, love your little outfits you made! So cute! I've been thinking about switching to cloth napkins instead of power-towels and so I figured I could get plain cheap wash cloths and some fabric to dress them up...but im not sure how to actually do that, how did you make your clothes?? =)

The Dillards said...

Hey Shelly, I am a friend of Angie's from Biloxi! I was also wondering about how you did the shirts! Please do a post with step by step instructions! By the way, I stalk your blog frequently. Your blog encouraged me to get "Fireproof." My husband and I watched and have started the "Love Dare" as well. Thanks!