Friday, February 13, 2009

call me mckmama

the other day I was reading "mckmama's" blog and got inspired do try some new activities with the girls. keep in mind that mckmamas boys are 3 and 4, or maybe 5? Anyway, mine just turned 2! So here is how it went...

"Yeah! Shaving cream on cookie sheets! Lets play! I'll show you how and then you can do it!"

"Avery, we don't eat the shaving cream...yucky." which resulted in tears and then she just followed me around the rest of the time, wanting nothing to do with the "yucky" shaving cream.

Atley was finally getting the hang of it and enjoyed getting her hands dirty. She just didn't realize that when she picked up her apple to eat it, it would taste like shaving cream too. She didn't care at all, and only when I said, "oh Atley, yucky shaving cream" did she then break down in tears like her sister. I should keep my mouth shut :)

After the fun we had to take off her shirt because it was a tad dirty....but here is her play station, otherwise known as the kitchen table where we eat all our meals, which now has a very clean smell to it!

Right after capturing the previous picture, I turned around to see Avery carrying the container that holds all the pee pee from her little potty! was empty. That was bad sign. After surveying the hallway, I came to the bathroom and found pee splattered everywhere. I immediantely begin cleaning it up, and spraying my favorite all purpose cleaner (vinegar and water) everywhere, even on Avery's feet. By the time I had finished cleaning up that mess...I went back to the kitchen to find this one (above).

On to a new project. Glue! This turned out okay and next time I'll add more glue to the water because nothing was sticking very well. After the glue spilled over twice, I had had enough and we were through with this project. Again, they just turned two:)

On to playdough. Something we've been practicing for a few weeks now. They really like the playdough, but are not really creative enough to play by themselves with it as of yet. They use cookie cutters and are good at putting it back in the right containers. Someday, this will be a lot more fun.

On to the outdoors... It was semi nice that day so we all went outside to eat our snack. Even Canon came along time. He sat in his bouncy and watched his sisters pick up sticks. We are anxious for summer around here!

And since we are stuck inside most days the girls have resorted to playing with baby toys, sucking on their paci's and carrying around their lambies all day. I think there is a tiny bit of "regression" happening around here:)

We went to the doctor yesterday for the girls' two year check ups and Canon's 4 month check up. They all did great, healthy and right on track for growth. The girls are up to 27lbs and Canon is a healthy 15!! He holds it all in his super chubby legs, sweet boy.


the berres said...

shelly are your girls in zebra skirts? so cute. you are such a creative mom. your kids love you so much.

Kelli said...

Wow. You are brave! I've heard of people using whipped cream to play with. Similar to the shaving cream, but they can eat it too. Just an idea. Not that I would know because I tend to let other people handle those sort of creative tasks. People who are getting paid for it. Though I have attempted finger paints. My recommendation is do it outdoors when its warm and have the hose ready. :) Your girls are so cute and I just want to squeeze Canon - he's a doll!

The Buster Bunch said...

Way to go Mom! You are so creative! The kids are precious! I know we just saw them, but I think Canon has already gotten bigger. Too cute!